Bold Predictions for the 2019 MLB Season

Based on’s Jeff Passan, Mike Trout became the proud owner of the most significant contract in professional sports history Tuesday: 12 decades and $430 million.
What better way to celebrate than with the very best season of his career?
Trout has collected more wins over replacement through the age of 26 than any hitter in MLB history, based on Baseball Reference. The only real catch is that he’s needed a single-season ceiling of 10.5 WAR.
The counter for that catch, however, is that Trout is becoming better with age.
Per his 186 OPS+ in 2017 and his 199 OPS+ in 2018, Trout has become the best hitter in baseball each of the previous two seasons. Such is life for a guy who walks about as often as he strikes and can also be one of the sport’s elite power hitters.
Meanwhile, Trout is still the fastest baserunner on the Los Angeles Angels, and he’s been a readily above average center fielder in 3 of the previous four decades. Otherwise to get a bothersome wrist injury, all this would have contributed to readily the best year of his career at 2018.
All of Trout wants to perform in 2019 is stay healthy, and also a new career full of WAR will be as good as his. Might a third American League MVP. . .but that isn’t exactly a daring prediction, can it be?

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